C-SPAN caller predicts Trump will become Speaker, impeach Biden and be 'the first president to serve 9 years'
Donald Trump during CNN debate (Photo: Screen capture via video)

A Trump-loving CSPAN caller made a bold prediction on Monday about the twice-impeached former president's future in politics.

Specifically, the caller who was identified as "Chuck from Louisiana" predicted that House Republicans would make good on their threat to make Trump Speaker of the House should they win back control next year.

""He will run for Congress and become Speaker," he said. "He will tear up Biden's State of the Union speech. He will impeach Biden and Harris and become president and will be reelected and become the first president to serve 9 years!"

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In fact, if Trump became Speaker of the House it will have been because House Republicans elected him, as the Speaker does not have to be someone who is elected to Congress.

Additionally, while a Speaker Trump would almost certainly work to get Biden impeached in the House, his odds of getting Biden convicted in the Senate would be low, as it would require a two-thirds majority to oust the president.

In Trump's second impeachment, he received 57 conviction votes, including votes from seven Republican senators, but that still was ten votes shy of finding him guilty.

Watch the video below.