Republicans are losing enthusiasm for Trump's election lies: 'Most people have turned the page'
Donald Trump (AFP)

Local officials in the Republican Party don't see a need to perpetuate Donald Trump's lies about election fraud and are increasingly worried they'll hurt candidates next year.

Republican voters have bought into the twice-impeached one-term president's lies about his election loss, but GOP officials are moving away from those conspiracy theories as they look to the 2022 midterm elections, reported NBC News.

“People here have turned to the future,”said Hai Cao, of the Gwinnett County GOP in Georgia. “[We] don’t dwell and talk about [2020 because] we’ll just lose opportunity for future advancement — wins.”

Lou Capozzi, who chairs the GOP chapter in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, publicly questioned Trump's election loss in September, but now says Republicans have largely moved on.

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“We still have the best system in the world, and I think, as far as Republicans go, I think they're just kind of redoubling their efforts to try to make a difference and to try to get Republicans elected," Capozzi said. "From my perspective, I think most people have turned the page.”

GOP officials saw a shift over the summer, when Republican activism was driven more by anger at President Joe Biden's withdrawal from Afghanistan instead of anger over Trump's election loss.

“There's been this uprising to say Biden's policies are failing us so miserably, and it's been a very issue-driven enthusiasm,” Michele Woodhouse, the GOP chair in North Carolina’s 11th Congressional District who's running for the state's newly drawn 14th Congressional District. "I really think the issues are driving it.”

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