Trump's political appointees didn't know they'd lose their benefits after administration change over
Photo: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

During the presidential transition of former President Donald Trump to incoming President Joe Biden, it was discussed that there were a slew of unknown consequences from national security to little things like the leave of staff.

The former is a problem Trump's appointees are running into as they're learning their leave wasn't available to employees that no longer work for the administration.

Politico reported Tuesday that Vanessa Ambrosini, who served in the Public Affairs office and as a press secretary in the Commerce Department over the course of the past four years. When it came time for her three months of paid leave after giving birth, she was given approval by the Commerce Department's HR team, but the change of administration meant it wasn't available anymore because her job was gone.

"I got completely screwed," she told Politico. "There were no caveats in that language saying anything about if the administration turns, you get nothing and of course, that happened and so I got nothing."

Given that it's an HR issue, the Biden White House declined to speak about the issue on the record, said Politico.

Political appointees "do not enjoy the promise of federal employment past the end of the administration in which they choose to serve," an official noted anonymously to Politico. As an example, after Trump was out of office, Dr. Ben Carson wouldn't get paid anymore and wouldn't get health insurance through the federal government because he's no longer a Cabinet secretary.

"The [Biden] official blamed the fact that the Trump administration dragged its heels on a quick and orderly transition as a reason why some on his team were caught off guard by the benefits ending."

This does not apply to career officials or any other federal employee, only political appointees and political staff. It's likely not something generally well-known to those who've never worked in government.

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