Trump photo with dozens of Pennsylvania state troopers used without authorization
Donald Trump points and shouts at what he calls the "dishonest" media during a speech. (

CORRECTION: A previous version of this story, based on a report from Penn Live, claimed that Pennsylvania state troopers were under investigation for their appearance in the photo. This is not correct. After clarification from Governor Wolfe's press office, we have made corrections to our story. Raw Story regrets the error.

Penn Live reports that Democratic Gov. Tom Wolfe launched a probe into the use of a photo which Trump made the featured picture on his Truth Social profile earlier today. The photo features dozens of uniformed state troopers standing alongside the former president and its purpose was for memorabilia for the participants.

As Penn Live notes, the photo has since been removed from Trump's Truth Social account.

Policy states that state troopers "shall not use their position for political influence," although it is questionable whether the photo taken with the former president really violated this rule.

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Some experts who spoke with Penn Live suggested that the photo in and of itself was harmless, but that Trump's always-controversial behavior made scrutiny of such things much more likely.

“I don’t think that’s terribly uncommon,” Terry Madonna, a senior fellow for political affairs at Millersville University, told Penn Live. “The problem quite frankly is the controversies Trump is in magnify the appropriateness of this. That goes to the heart of it. If it weren’t for that, we wouldn’t be having this discussion.”