Trump is only green-lighting Steve Bannon because the hearings are going so badly for him: David Jolly
Steve Bannon and Donald Trump (Composite / RawStory)

Former Republican Rep. David Jolly isn't as confused as others are about why Donald Trump suddenly announced that Steve Bannon is no longer blocked by executive privilege. Bannon was never blocked by such privilege because he wasn't even working for the White House at the time. At the same time, the former president can't assert privilege, only the current one can, and President Joe Biden waived it for anything dealing with Jan. 6 and the planning of the 2020 election overthrow attempt.

Still, Bannon is now trying to say he'll cooperate after refusing to do so for about a year and being held in contempt of Congress. It's essentially a "hail Mary," explained former FBI deputy Andrew McCabe.

Jolly explained that it's likely a decision Trump made because the hearings are going so poorly for him.

"Now that decision about whether or not to nominate reasonable Republicans to the committee — a decision not to include Jim Jordan and other bomb-throwers," said Jolly. "The story that's being told by witnesses is a damning story of Donald Trump himself. They have isolated the former president in terms of culpability. And there is no cross-examination if you will. There is no pushing these witnesses on the veracity of their testimony. Donald Trump knows that. He knows storytelling, and he's ready to push back."

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