Trump makes Herbert Hoover look like Mother Teresa: Historian Michael Beschloss
Photo: AFP Photo/Timothy A. Clary

On MSNBC Monday, historian Michael Beschloss compared outgoing President Donald Trump to Herbert Hoover — unfavorably.

"[Trump] makes Herbert Hoover look like Mother Teresa," said Beschloss. "Hoover was personally a very compassionate person ... you want someone as president who has compassion and empathy," and merely disagreed with Franklin Roosevelt on the federal government's responsibilities in the Depression.

Trump, by contrast, he argued, doesn't even have that compassion on a personal level.

"Donald Trump is the kind of person that we have never, ever seen before in the presidency, and I hope we never, ever see again," added Beschloss. "When you have a president who has no empathy, who has no compassion, you see a spectacle like what we've seen this week."

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