'Where are the adults?': Mary Trump calls out GOP for letting her uncle continue to endanger the public
Donald Trump speaking with supporters at a campaign rally at the Phoenix Convention Center in Phoenix, Arizona. (Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

Appearing on MSNBC with host Alex Witt on Sunday afternoon, Mary Trump -- the niece of former president Donald Trump -- expressed dismay at her uncle holding a rally in COVID-ravaged Alabama on Saturday night and suggested the Republican leadership and aides to her uncle will be just as culpable as him if it turns out to have been a superspreader event.

After showing a clip of the former president exhorting the Alabama crowd to get vaccinated before back-tracking after some booed ,host Witt asked, "Give me your assessment of your uncle holding this event in the first place at a time when Alabama has run out of ICU capacity and having that exchange with the crowd there."

"It was quite disturbing but not surprising as is often the case with Donald," she replied before adding, "To see that he was willing to hold a rally not only in the middle of COVID, but a state being pummeled by the coronavirus, a state that, as far as I last checked, had no ICU beds left."

"It speaks to his bottomless need for attention, complete willingness to put other people at risk to feed his narcissistic needs," she continued. "These aren't just people going to a rally. they are being asked to put themselves and others at risk to attend. I don't believe there were any masks in the crowd. where are the adults who were saying, 'no, we cannot allow this to happen?' This happens in the Republican Party a lot. It started with the Tea Party; they pander to the most extreme elements among them thinking that they control them and then see they lose control because not only will they not get the vaccine even if he tells them to, they're booing him for it."

"Would the recovery be faster and smoother if we stopped paying attention to your uncle, Donald Trump?" Witt later asked.

'I wish we could," Trump replied. "Unfortunately, that's a luxury we can't afford and it's for this reason. It's not because of him, he lost the election decisively, he was twice impeached, he should be irrelevant, he lost. He's not in the White House anymore. The problem is that elected Republicans, Republican leadership, continue to allow him to be relevant, allow him a platform, give him power by going down to Mar-a-Lago and kissing his ring, by asking for his endorsements."

"I'm afraid we're stuck with him because they, for whatever reason, still find him useful," she added.

Watch below:

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