Trump fan tells CNN why she doesn't bother fact checking her Facebook posts: 'Whose reality is important but your own?'
Trump supporter Mary Quintanilla gives an interview (CNN).

On Thursday, CNN's Donie O'Sullivan spoke with Trump supporter Mary Quintanilla for her views on Facebook fact-checking — and she flatly rejected the concept of it.

"I have had notifications with regard to maybe some of the COVID issues," said Quintanilla. "They will say that's fact-checked and may not be accurate. I just say, okay. Then I still post it."

"There's a video that Eric Trump retweeted a few days after the election that showed Trump ballots being set on fire," said O'Sullivan.

"I seen that," cut in Quintanilla.

"That's false," said O'Sullivan. "The election officials in Virginia who control those ballots said they are not real ballots. Is that not a good service that something like that gets — when it's shown false?"

"No," said Quintanilla. "Aren't we smart enough to say, whose video is that?"

"That video played into the idea on election week that there was this mass fraud. It played into the idea," said O'Sullivan, shortly adding, "There's so much information. Are you cherry-picking your facts?"

"You could," said Quintanilla. "Whose reality is important but your own reality?"

"Shouldn't we have a shared understanding?" countered O'Sullivan.

"It's impossible," said Quintanilla. "It's impossible because of the bias."

Watch below:

Donie O'Sullivan interviews Trump supporter about Facebook fact-checks