Slur-spewing couple kicked off flight — and complain it's because they're Trump supporters
Slur-spewing couple being asked to deboard flight (TikTok).

On Monday, Boing Boing reported on a viral TikTok video that shows a couple shouting racist and homophobic slurs being forced to deboard a flight in West Palm Beach, Florida — while shouting praise for billionaire Elon Musk and claiming they face discrimination for supporting former President Donald Trump.

"The woman cries 'free speech is dead!', gloats on the knowledge that her refusal to voluntarily deplane will result in the flight being delayed, then returns to muttering racist nonsense before delivering some impromptu praise for Elon Musk, 'the f**king king,'" reported Rob Beschizza. "The disquisition on free speech continues as she declares her intention to sue the other passengers for their grumbled criticisms. 'Hey, I guarantee I make more money than you buddy.'"

At the end of the video, the woman ascribed political motivations to the decision to remove them from the flight.

"We're going to get [kicked] off the plane because we're Trump supporters!" she shouted. "Seriously, I really think that's what it is!"

A second piece of footage shows the couple being marched away by police after all the passengers had been forced to deboard, with audible booing from the crowd gathered in the terminal.

In recent years, airlines have seen a spike in incidents onboard flights caused by unruly and violent passengers, and the Justice Department has vowed to prosecute offenders to the fullest extent of the law.

Many of these incidents stemmed from people refusing to comply with the Center for Disease Control's mask mandate for travel, although this rule was recently blocked by a Trump-appointed federal judge.

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