UK mass shooter was a Trump supporter who expressed QAnon and 'incel' views: report
Photo via Facebook

Jake Davison, the 23-year-old suspected of killing five people Thursday in Britain's worst mass shooting since 2010, was a Donald Trump supporter who expressed views common to the the QAnon and "incel" — or involuntarily celibate — communities.

Davison, who reportedly worked as a scaffolder and wanted to move to the U.S., allegedly killed three females and two males — including one child — in the Keyham area of Plymouth on Thursday, before turning the gun on himself, according to the BBC.

Prior to the shooting, Davison "expressed his support for Donald Trump on his Facebook page and posted multiple self-pitying YouTube videos about how he looked, often using language common in the incel community," the Daily Beast reported Friday.

Davison, who claimed to be from Arizona, reportedly was obsessed with American conservative politics, following Trump and all of his children on Facebook, as well as other right-wing accounts including those belonging to Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz, the NRA and "Ted Nugent for Senate."

"Trump has proved time and time again he is indeed for the people," Davison wrote on Facebook in 2018. "You may not agree with his political views (I do) but he is different from the scum like Hillary or the people running our country like the neo-con sellout that is [then-British Prime Minister] Theresa May.

"Scepticism of government is key and everyone should be ready and prepared for anything bad that could happen. I am aware much of the government is deeply flawed there are many paedophiles and even reported devil worshipers people that sell us out to foreign countries," Davison added in the comments, echoing the QAnon belief that a cabal of Satan-worshiping elites who run a child sex ring are trying to control American politics and media.

In YouTube videos, Davison referred to people like himself as "blackpillers," a subset of the incel community who believe certain men can never attract women regardless of how hard they work. He complained about his weight and said despite working "so f*cking hard," nothing had changed.

"I'm still in the same position, same period in life, still a f*cking this, that, virgin, fat, ugly, whatever you want to call it. What's changed? Nothing," he said.

In another video, according to the Daily Beast, he spent 14 minutes "complaining that he missed out on experiencing teenage love because of his weight, and saying that he has no desire to get a relationship with an adult woman."

In his final YouTube video prior to the shooting, Davison compared himself to the main character from the film The Terminator.

"Despite reaching almost total system failure, he keeps trying to accomplish his mission," Davison said.

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