Trump's real danger is how 'he's recruited his followers to an alternative reality': Mental health expert
A supporter dressed as US President Donald Trump is interviewed by a television reporter outside the Pennsylvania Convention Center as ballot counting continues inside on November 6, 2020 in Philadelphia (AFP)

On Christmas Eve, Donald Trump threatened to derail a pandemic relief bill that took 9 months to reach bipartisan agreement on, plunging millions into uncertainty as he vacationed and golfed. By waiting until Sunday evening before abruptly signing the bill, he allowed unemployment programs to lapse, which will lead to delays and loss of benefits for countless Americans out of work.

This occasion gives us another glimpse of just how far he is willing to go with his anger (at congressional Republicans for not backing his false voter fraud claims), his revenge (against Americans for rejecting him), and his cruelty (of finding pleasure in inflicting suffering on those he despises). Now, he is calling on thousands to come to Washington, DC, to challenge Congress' final approval of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on January 6.

Over the weekend, David Ignatius wrote a Washington Post article by the title: "Until Biden's Win is Certified, the U.S. Remains Vulnerable." This is what mental health experts have been trying to say since before the election. Donald Trump lost the election, and his legal challenges never had a chance, but just as with the pandemic, the dangers are not confined to the virus or, in this case, the law. Rather, the real dangers are where he has weakened systems or has recruited his followers to an alternative reality.

A Psychological Take on the News (December 28, 2020)

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