NH city council mulls changing park rules after Trump supporters' presence generates 'bitter verbal exchanges'
A Trump supporter demonstrates in New York City (Shutterstock).

A group of Trump supporters who regularly occupy a large part of a public park in Portsmouth, New Hampshire have forced the city council to mull changing rules so the park is more accommodating to nonpolitical parkgoers.

The Portsmouth Herald reports that the city council will debate changes at an upcoming meeting after City Attorney Robert Sullivan recommended making some changes in response to complaints residents have lodged against the Trump supporters, whose goal is to regularly demonstrate on his behalf until he is reinstated in office.

"In a sentence, the general purpose of such regulations would be to balance public freedom of speech in Prescott Park with the more pastoral uses of the park envisioned by many, such as contemplation of nature, enjoyment of the river view, family picnics, and the like," Sullivan wrote in a memo to the council.

Sullivan noted that the Trump supporters' presence has led to "bitter verbal exchanges," and argued that the city should try to balance their right to peacefully assemble with the rights of parkgoers to enjoy an important public space.

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Among other things, he recommended that the city better designate the public forum area of the park, which is allocated specifically for political demonstrations, so that parkgoers can know where to avoid going if they don't want to encounter the Trump supporters.

"It is apparent that some of the past problems which have occurred at the public forum area in Prescott Park have been caused by the lack of public knowledge as to the delineation of the designated public forum and the rules which apply within it," he wrote.

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