Far-right activist proposes app to let Trump direct mobs around the country
White House photo of President Donald Trump speaking on the phone aboard Air Force One en route to a campaign rally.

On Tuesday, Gizmodo reported that a far-right software developer and social media influencer named Curtis Yarvin is proposing an app that allows former President Donald Trump to order people around the country to gather into mobs on his behalf.

"Yarvin, more commonly known by his online pseudonym Mencius Moldbug, is one of the most extreme far-right personalities who’s gained mainstream attention in Republican circles during recent years," reported Matt Novak. "Yarvin believes democracy has failed and wants an authoritarian ruler to exert control over the U.S. (he dislikes the term fascist, only because his model of dictatorship predates the big-F Fascism of Italy in the 1920s)."

"Since starting his blog 15 years ago, Yarvin has become friends with people like the current GOP nominee for U.S. Senate in Arizona, Blake Masters, the current GOP nominee for U.S. Senate in Ohio, J.D. Vance, and former Trump advisor and PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel," said the report. "Yarvin also writes for the Claremont Insitute think tank and has been interviewed by Fox News personality Tucker Carlson. And it’s these associations which give Yarvin a platform for spreading far-right policies in the real world."

According to the report, Yarvin's imagined "Trump App", one of many things first reported in a new profile of him by Vox, would have some innocent civic engagement functions — but it would have another, more sinister purpose.

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"Trump supporters could sign up and get their marching orders about who to vote for in various primaries and elections, according to Yarvin," said the report. "But the most chilling part ... is when Yarvin says a new app would be useful to mobilize citizens and police against anything the dictator wants."

Masters and Vance themselves were nominated for the party with the support of Thiel, an arrangement which according to recent reports has caused tensions within Republican Party leadership.