'It's how they got Al Capone': Trump taunted after his SCOTUS appointees fail to block release of tax returns
Photo via Evan Vucci/AFP

News that the Supreme Court is allowing Manhattan's district attorney access to Donald Trump's tax returns -- the ones he promised to share for over four years -- was greeted with great joy by critics of the former president after the unsigned opinion indicated that none of Trump's three appointees to the high court stood in its way.

The bombshell decision that NBC's Pete Williams called "the end of the road" for Trump will allow a grand jury to compare how the former New Yorker valued and represented his properties in his tax filings to how he listed the property's values when applying for loans that could reveal fraud.

It was not lost on critics of Trump that, having survived a Senate trial for inciting violence at the U.S. Capitol, Trump may be tripped up by tax fraud just like noted mobster Al Capone.

With that in mind, Twitter users piled on the one-term president whose worse nightmare -- exposing his true worth -- could be about to come true.

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