Trump's blog has been an epic flop so far: data analysis
President Donald Trump (Screen cap).

Former President Donald Trump has had difficulty getting attention by writing statements longer than 280 characters.

Data analysis conducted by NBC News shows that Trump's new blog, which he launched as a way to push his message to supporters in the wake of his ban from top social media platforms, has failed to generate the kind of buzz his infamous tweets used to create.

"The ex-president's blog has drawn a considerably smaller audience than his once-powerful social media accounts, according to engagement data compiled with BuzzSumo, a social media analytics company," writes NBC News. "The Desk of Donald J. Trump is limited — users can't comment or engage with the actual posts beyond sharing them to other platforms, an action few people do, according to the data."

Trump's writing style was well suited to Twitter, where he used pithy insults and demeaning nicknames to level political opponents during his first run for the presidency in 2016.

Trump's blog, however, has typically focused on relitigating the election he decisively lost more than half a year ago, as well as occasionally taking shots at "junky" Kentucky Derby horses that failed drug tests.

"The Trump blog's low engagement numbers seem to suggest that the practice of deplatforming, or cutting off a user from their followers and thereby severing networks of common followers, is broadly effective and can be used to reduce hate speech and glorification of violence from mainstream platforms," notes NBC News.