Trump 'throwing the GOP under the bus' because he thinks he's 'bigger than the country': biographer
Photo: Screen capture

On CNN Thursday, Donald Trump biographer Michael D'Antonio explained the outgoing president's thought process as he stabs congressional Republicans in the back on coronavirus stimulus passage.

"The COVID relief bill — some context right now," said anchor Bianna Golodryga. "This president is preventing millions of Americans from getting the financial aid they desperately need, and once again throwing his own party under the bus. Try to explain why this is anything but political suicide for him if, in fact, he does want to run again in 2024?"

"Well, I have a lot of doubt about whether he truly wants to run in 2024," said D'Antonio. "I think he'll make noise about it for a long time, but I don't expect him to actually do it. So what we're seeing here are two keys to understanding Donald Trump. The first is that he's surrounded by death, suffering, hunger of Americans who have been devastated by the COVID pandemic. He could go within five miles of Mar-a-Lago and find two different food pantries open today on Christmas Eve that are seeing lines out the door. But he doesn't care about that suffering. What he cares about is his own ego and his own grievance."

"The other thing that we're noticing is that he's perfectly willing to pursue his own interests," D'Antonio continued. "By this, I mean his own grifting interest, his interest in creating an empire that's a personal, political empire that millions of followers will donate to, while throwing the GOP under the bus. The Republican establishment is saying that they will lose the Senate if Donald Trump doesn't come through with COVID aid. The Georgians who are voting in a few weeks are really fed up with this. And yet, he doesn't care. He is bigger than the party, and I think he considers himself bigger than the country."

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