Trump to give sworn testimony on violent crackdown on protesters at 2015 campaign event: report
Donald Trump. (Screenshot)

On Monday, Fox News reported that former President Donald Trump is preparing to face a sworn deposition to investigators in Trump Tower on an alleged attack on protesters at a campaign event in 2015.

"The deposition comes as part of a lawsuit brought after a Sept. 3, 2015 protest outside Trump Tower in New York City. The demonstrators were protesting comments Trump had made about Mexico and Mexican immigrants," reported Brooke Singman. "Six protesters of Mexican origin said they were assaulted and later sued Trump, the Trump Organization, his 2016 presidential campaign, and security officials."

"New York State Supreme Court Judge Doris Gonzalez of the Bronx denied Trump's efforts to throw out the subpoena ordering him to testify in the case," continued the report. "The judge said Trump's argument against testifying — that there needed to be 'exceptional circumstances' to depose a high-ranking government official — did not apply, as the case would have him answer questions about his comments and actions from before he was elected."

The litigation is part of a blizzard of lawsuits facing the former president in coming months. In September, a federal judge denied a ploy by Trump to end a defamation suit against him by E. Jean Carroll, an advice columnist who alleges Trump raped her in a department store over 20 years ago.