Trump is going to sue Twitter and Facebook for banning him: NYT's Haberman

New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman is reporting that former President Donald Trump intends to sue Twitter and Facebook for banning him.

Trump on Tuesday night teased a major announcement that he will be making on Wednesday -- but Haberman revealed that the major announcement will be about lawsuits he's bringing against social media giants who booted him off in the wake of the deadly riots he incited at the United States Capitol building.

Trump isn't likely to succeed with the lawsuit as he agreed to the "Terms of Service" of Twitter and Facebook, which is a binding contract saying that if he breaks their rules he can be removed.

Trump was removed after losing his 2020 election and spreading lies about it online that both sites have worked to stop from spreading.

Trump was also removed from Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest and other sites, but he appears to only be suing Twitter and Facebook.