Hacks, bugs and vulnerabilities: Trump's new social site plagued by problems -- and it hasn't even launched yet
Donald Trump (AFP)

There was a kind of "soft" launch overnight for former President Donald Trump's new social media site, TRUTH Social, but apparently, there are so many bugs that it may stall the actual launch.

Washington Post tech reporter Drew Harwell wrote an extensive thread on Twitter detailing the problems with the website from the terms of service to security and the accounts.

The website aims to allow people to post anything they want, regardless of whether or not it is true. It purports to welcome "varied opinions" so that families can come together.

Harwell pointed out that it's clear how angry Trump was that he lost his Twitter account because the Trump Media & Technology Group promotes his massive Twitter following in three slides and how many followers it had during the peak.

It was just a few months ago that top Trump aide Jason Miller launched his own social media site for conservatives called GETTR. He celebrates the new Trump site, saying that it will help contribute to bringing down Twitter and Facebook.

"Now Facebook and Twitter will lose even more market share," said Miller in a statement.

Meanwhile, the terms of service for Trump's site has a few problems that could apply to the ex-president himself. As the Post's Aaron Schaffer pointed out, it bans the "excessive use of capital letters," something that Trump was known to do frequently on Twitter.

As the social media site is gearing up for the launch, Harwell noted that he was able to create an account registering @MikePence. "The site hasn't even launched yet and it's already this vulnerable," he said.

DailyDot writer Mikael Thalen was able to register the name @DonaldTrump, as Trump's account is @DonaldJTrump.

By about 11 p.m. EST, the former president's account on his own social media site had already been hacked, according to a Washington Post reporter. The avatar is the photo of him with his favorite taco bowl and a photo posted is of a hog with what appears to be a growth on its posterior.

Then, shortly after, the entire site seemed to have problems. Harwell tweeted a screen capture of the Account Settings saying, "You can no longer use your account, and your profile and other data are no longer accessible. You can still log in to request a backup of your data until the data is fully removed, but we will retain some data to prevent you from evading the suspension."

Donald Trump Jr. told Fox News Wednesday evening that they intend to do a full launch in early 2022 and that the site is currently in beta testing.