'I did nothing wrong!!!' Trump fires off multiple posts raging at FBI in new Truth Social tirade
President Donald Trump at a campaign rally in Phoenix, photo by Gage Skidmore.

Former President Donald Trump wasted little time on Thursday once again attacking the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation for executing a search warrant on his Mar-a-Lago resort to retrieve top-secret government documents that he had refused to hand over.

"Even though I am as innocent as a person can be, and despite MY campaign being spied on by the Radical Left, the FISA COURT being lied to and defrauded, all of the many Hoaxes and Scams that were illegally placed on me by very sick & demented people, and without even mentioning the many crimes of Joe and Hunter Biden, all revealed in great detail in the Laptop From Hell, it looks more and more like the Fake News Media is pushing hard for the Sleaze to do something that should not be done!" Trump began, and he wasn't close to being done.

"Joe Biden said he knew nothing about the Break-In of Mar-a-Lago or, the greatest political attack in the history of the U.S. Does anybody really believe this???" the twice-impeached former president wrote in a followup post.

"The Radical Left Democrat prosecutors are illegally trying to circumvent, for purely political gain, the Presidential Record’s Act, under which I have done absolutely nothing wrong," Trump wrote after this. "It can not be circumvented, for me or any other President. They illegally Raided my home, and took things that should not have been taken. They even broke into my safe, an unthinkable act!"

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In fact, the search of Mar-a-Lago was conducted legally after the DOJ obtained a search warrant from a judge who thought that there was probable cause to believe the search would uncover evidence of multiple crimes.

Trump then followed up this post with an all-caps message that simply read, "PRESIDENTIAL RECORDS ACT!"

Trump concluded his Truth Social tirade by with yet another attack on the DOJ and FBI.

"The Justice Department and FBI are “leaking” at levels never seen before - and I did nothing wrong!!!" he fumed.

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