Trump was 'incredibly depressed' by losing Twitter account and 'put on a lot of weight': Filmmaker
Donald Trump (Photo: Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

Documentary filmmaker Alex Holder revealed this week that former President Donald Trump went through a severe "withdrawal" after losing access to his Twitter account after he incited a deadly riot at the United States Capitol building.

Huffington Post flags an interview that Holder conducted with The Bulwark Podcast in which he talks about meeting Trump in March 2021, weeks after his attempt to illegally stay in power had failed.

Holder claimed that he immediately noticed a difference in Trump's physical appearance when he talked with him after leaving the White House.

"He looked terrible, he’d put on a lot of weight," the filmmaker said. "He was incredibly depressed."

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Holder then elaborated on exactly why Trump was feeling so down.

“The reason for all of that was because he was going through a real withdrawal from not being able to use Twitter," he said. "Yeah, I promise. I mean, that’s literally what his closest aide said to me. He was in the most terrible foul mood because he couldn’t use social media.”

Trump has since returned to the social media world with his own Truth Social network that he has used to promote QAnon memes and launch angry attacks on the FBI for conducting a lawful search of his Mar-a-Lago resort to recover top-secret government documents.