‘He’s spreading QAnon conspiracies!’ Morning Joe says Trump instantly proved Biden correct on GOP extremism
Donald Trump (AFP)

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough said Donald Trump proved President Joe Biden correct on Republican extremism.

The current president has in recent days called out Republican extremism, which he described as "semi-fascism," and the "Morning Joe" host pointed out that the former president was spreading violent conspiracy theories the same day that Biden condemned GOP attacks on law enforcement.

"They're so disconnected from the most basic of American values when it comes to patriotism, whether it's Jan. 6 or threatening the lives of law enforcement officers and their families, for just carrying out a lawful search," Scarborough said. "That question that just rings in the ears of so many Americans, for God's sake, whose side are you on?"

"[Biden] addressed his words, not to Republicans across the nation, not to super MAGA republicans across the nation, but to those in Congress, to Republican leaders," Scarborough added. "You know, it used to be that somebody would say something on the left, or the right, that would be a crackpot statement, and everybody rushing, going, 'Oh, my God, look at what all Democrats are saying, oh, my God, look at what Republicans are saying and it would be some insignificant figure.'"

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Voters are repulsed by the GOP's increasingly extreme positions, Scarborough said, and that could cost them in November's midterm elections.

"Joe Biden is now telling the truth that Americans are starting to understand that this extremism, this is coming actually from leaders," Scarborough said. "This is coming from Republican members of Congress who are calling law enforcement officers the Gestapo, who are calling law enforcement officers communists. Republican leaders and leaders calling officers moles who want to devour you. Defund the FBI? No. Defund police? Absolutely not, and at the same time, Joe Biden is giving a speech to Main Street America, to Main Street Pennsylvania about backing the FBI and backing law enforcement officers, and just how crazy the Republican Party's done and doing."

Meanwhile, the twice-impeached former president spent much of the same day proving Biden right on his Truth Social website in an extended meltdown over law enforcement.

"What's Donald Trump doing?" Scarborough said. "He is circulating QAnon conspiracy theories on social media, QAnon conspiracy theories on the same day Joe Biden is saying, 'Bring it in, Republicans, you all are being extremists' -- come on. This is a turning point."

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