Trump's incitement to violence will cripple his ability to convince banks to loan him more money: report
President Trump. (AFP)

On Saturday, MarketWatch reported that after President Donald Trump leaves office on January 20, he could run into immediate problems if he needs to take out new loans for his business empire.

"Concerns about President Trump's ability to obtain debt on his bread-and-butter real-estate business follow a dramatic final two months of his presidency that reached a low point on Wednesday when hundreds of rioters, pushing past security barriers and security, breached the Capitol as lawmakers were going through the typically ceremonial procedure of confirming President-elect Joe Biden's win over Trump," reported Joy Wiltermuth. "The violent storming of the Capitol, which resulted in the death of four people and the ransacking of the seat of government, followed a rally where Trump urged his supporters to head to the Capitol and 'fight.'"

"I don't know where commercial bankers are going to be willing to lend large sums to the Trump Organization," said George Mason University professor and former FDIC staffer Gerald Hanweck. He suggested Trump might have to rely on corporate-level financing for Trump Organization projects instead of traditional loans, adding "I think Trump's best opportunity is to really go with a large investment banking company and look to issue a lot of marketable debt."

Complicating matters, Trump's business accounting is currently under criminal investigation by the state of New York.