Glenn Youngkin would rather Trump 'take a trip to Australia' than go near Virginia: CNN polling expert
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On Wednesday's edition of CNN's "Anderson Cooper 360," political analyst Harry Enten laid out why former President Donald Trump's possible visit to Virginia could spell disaster for Republican gubernatorial nominee Glenn Youngkin.

"Is there argument to be made that he should be campaigning for Youngkin in the final days of this race?" asked Cooper.

"He wants Donald Trump to take a two-week trip to Australia," said Enten. "Here is the situation, if you look at the polls right now. Look this lead that McAuliffe had: Five points in August, three points in September, now, down to a single point. Well within the margin of error. Now, compare this to Donald Trump's popularity in the Old Dominion. Look at this. Among likely voters, Donald Trump's net popularity voting, minus nine points. Registered voters, it's minus 18 points."

Enten then explained how Trump could rally Democratic voters who had previously been wary of heading to the polls this year.

"So if Donald Trump comes to the state of Virginia, he may get some Democrats who are staying on the sidelines and get them to say, 'You know what? Donald Trump's involved in this case, and Glenn Youngkin stands for what Donald Trump stands for, so we're going to get out and vote," Enten explained. "It's not good for Youngkin, he wants no part of this."

"But he is popular with his base, and certainly turning out those voters could be crucial for Youngkin, wouldn't it?" Cooper pressed him.

"I mean, it could be," said Enten. "But the fact of the matter is that he doesn't just motivate Republicans to come out and vote, he motivates Democrats to come out and vote. And what we see in Virginia is very motivating for your decision to vote. Look at that. Feelings about Donald Trump. 51 percent of likely voters in Virginia said that, yes, he is very motivating for them to come out and vote. Compare that to Joe Biden at just 48 percent. I have never seen that before. The idea that a former president would be more motivating for voters to come out and vote than the current president? It's Bizarro Land."

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Harry Enten says Glenn Youngkin doesn't want Trump to campaign in Virginia