Trump implies he's going to campaign in Virginia one day after Biden tried baiting him into it
Donald Trump/Joe Biden -- AFP/Biden Facebook page

Former President Donald Trump implied Wednesday that he plans to campaign for GOP gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin in Virginia, a day after President Joe Biden baited him to do so.

"Chanting, 'We love Trump' in Arlington, Va. Thank you, Arlington, see you soon!" Trump said in a brief statement shared by spokeswoman Liz Harrington on Twitter.

Taylor Budowich, director of communications for Trump's Save America PAC, added: "Virginia loves President Donald J. Trump and his MAGA movement will be delivering a major victory to Trump-endorsed businessman @GlennYoungkin. President Trump looks forward to being back in Virginia! Details will be released when appropriate."

During a campaign rally for Democratic gubernatorial nominee Terry McAuliffe on Tuesday, Biden brought up the fact that Youngkin previously heaped praise on Trump but now seems to want nothing to do with the former president.

"Terry's opponent has made all of his private pledges of loyalty to Donald Trump," Biden said. "And what's really interesting to me: He won't stand next to Donald Trump now that the campaign's on! Think about it! He won't allow Donald Trump to campaign for him in this state."

"He's willing to pledge his loyalty to Trump in private, why not in public?" Biden said. "What's he trying to hide? Is there a problem with Trump being here? Is he embarrassed?"

S.V. Date, a White House reporter for the Huffington Post, noted in response to Budowich's post that Biden defeated Trump in Virginia by 10 points last year.

"Here's the former president who tried to overthrow American democracy, now threatening to tank Glenn Youngkin's campaign for Virginia governor," Date wrote in response to Trump's statement. "In 2019, 2020, I do not recall seeing a single Trump sign in Arlington. Not one. When the networks called the election for Biden that Saturday, there was cheering and horn-honking in the streets. In contrast, there are plenty of residents proud to advertise their support of Youngkin."

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Trump accuses Bill Barr and Mark Zuckerberg of stealing Pennsylvania election in angry letter to WSJ