'He thinks his stuff doesn’t stink': Die-hard Trump voters are moving on
Donald Trump (Photo by Ludovic Marin for AFP)

Any hope that Donald Trump may have had in believing he can depend on voters in Florida to help pave his way to the 2024 Republican Party presidential nomination appears to be vanishing as Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) makes inroads with his supporters who want to move on.

According to a report from Politico's Gary Fineout, Trump's "die-hards" still love the former president but his time is past and his act is getting old.

Speaking with conservatives who showed up for a book signing by the controversial Florida governor, several stated: "they want DeSantis to run, even it means taking on former President Donald Trump."

As DeSantis supporter Nita Spatola put it, "Donald needs to retire and I love Donald," adding that DeSantis "is the man who is going to change the direction of this country.”

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Conservative voter Steve Watts was less impressed with Trump.

"The former president is a too big for his britches. He thinks his stuff doesn’t stink,” he complained.

The report adds, "Casey Jones, who was waiting early Thursday afternoon for DeSantis to speak at the Fraternal Office of Police lodge in Jacksonville, said he was initially torn about whether to back DeSantis or Trump. But Jones, who was wearing a red shirt that said 'DeSantis Airlines' — a reference to the governor’s controversial decision to fly migrants from Texas to Martha’s Vineyard — said he was disappointed after Trump took what he called 'potshots at our governor.'"

“DeSantis has couth,” Jones Told Politico. “DeSantis isn’t going to get all muddy and in the dirt like Trump is.”

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