Maddow details Donald Trump's not-so-good, very bad week of legal disasters
Rachel Maddow, Donald Trump and Bill Barr, (screen capture right) and (left AFP Photo/NICHOLAS KAMM)

While American women are figuring out what the Supreme Court ruling does to bodily autonomy and watching the House Select Committee investigating the attack on Congress, it appears former President Donald Trump is facing a growing list of serious legal issues.

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow rattled off the information at the top of her Monday show and how it is a continuation of dramatic legal bills and a possible drop in investments.

"Meanwhile, the former president, President Trump, today — he saw shares in his new media company swirled in the toilet," said Maddow. "When the company had to announce in a regulatory filing that its entire board of directors just got served with federal grand jury subpoenas from federal prosecutors and the Southern District of New York. It had previously been known that Trump's new media business venture was being investigated by the FCC, the Security and Exchange Commission, and by an entity called FINRA, which is a financial industry watchdog. But now, it's apparently federal prosecutors as well. So, maybe that's a criminal investigation now? I mean, if you're trying to keep up, I think this is everything, but maybe there is more."

She then noted that Trump is also "facing state criminal investigators in Georgia, and investigators there related to his efforts to overthrow the government and stay in power. Also, a state civil investigation in New York related to alleged fraud in his family business. His family business has already been criminally indicted as well in New York. His new media business may also now be under federal criminal investigation, these brand-new subpoenas that just went out. One of his loyalists lawyers that the Justice Department will definitely help with this government block, he just had a search warrant executed at his home. One of his outside lawyers, who also allegedly helped to overthrow the government plot, just had a search warrant executed for his phone. I mean -- this is fine, right? This is normal."

There are eight states facing primary elections on Tuesday.

See the video below as well as a walk-through from former federal prosecutor Barbara McQuade on the revelations around the Jan. 6 committee.

Donald Trump's not-so-good, very bad, week of legal disasters

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