MSNBC's Morning Joe and Mika still not used to a White House not staffed by white nationalists

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski took a moment to appreciate the return of normalcy and credibility to the White House.

Brzezinski opened a segment on negotiations on the coronavirus relief package by citing sources in the White House and Capitol Hill, and her "Morning Joe" co-host asked her to pause for a moment to enjoy the relative calm in Washington, D.C.

"By the way, can I interrupt for a second?" Scarborough said. "Are you still having a hard time getting adjusted to sources in the White House not being, like, a caddy or something. You hear sources in the White House and you, like, flinch -- wait, is this a caddy? Is this a white nationalist? So when you hear -- it's still kind of strange, still kind of getting, you know, getting adjusted to the fact that sources in the White House, whether it was from a Republican administration in the past or Democratic administration in the past, actually probably people who have spent their lives trying to understand how to make this country better."

"You say sources in the White House, a lot of us still flinch," he added, and Brzezinski admitted she still did. "Oh, wait a second, you actually have people there who are intelligent enough they can do their job and communicate to the Hill with Republicans, people in the other party and actually try to get things done."

Brzezinski said the dynamic was completely different, because White House staffers could focus on their job instead of serving the needs of an abusive president.

"They're not in an emotion mind because they're gripped with fear every second of the day as to what might happen on Twitter," she said. "When you're in that place in your brain and scared, it's hard to think, so you're not a good source."

Scarborough said another big difference is they don't have a "boss who watches 11 hours of cable news a day."

"That melts your brain, by the way," he said.

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