Trump staffers were being ‘threatened’ not to leave amid chaotic White House transition: ex-aide
Donald Trump addresses crowd in Sioux City, Iowa in 2016. (

During a segment on The View this Wednesday, the topic of discussion was the recent discovery of classified documents in the possession of yet another political figure, this time former Vice President Mike Pence.

The hosts half joked that the documents probably ended up in Pence's possession since he was being threatened by Jan. 6 rioters and had to make a hasty exit.

Co-host and former White House aide Alyssa Farah chimed in, saying that when she worked for Pence during his tenure, he was "extremely by the book in the White House that was otherwise incredibly chaotic."

"When we would prepare for foreign trips, even just to prep him for media interviews, we would do it in the Situation Room in case something we talked about even might suggest classified information," she said.

"I think it was the chaotic nature of the transition," she said, adding that when she resigned from her job in Donald Trump's administration, "staff was being threatened 'don't look for new jobs, don't pack your office,' because they were not preparing for a transition. So Mike Pence's West Wing office was right around the corner, I don't suspect in that period ... that he was packing up boxes getting ready."

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