Legal expert slams Trump allies for pushing 'empty political promise' to undo his Wisconsin loss
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On Monday's edition of MSNBC's "Deadline: White House," former solicitor general Neal Katyal discussed the latest push by former President Donald Trump and his allies to "decertify" President Joe Biden's 2020 win of the state of Wisconsin.

The premise, which is a core dispute as Wisconsin GOP voters decide the gubernatorial primary, makes no sense, argued Katyal.

"I can't help but think that if you watch these events unfold in our politics and you think to yourself that there could be some kind of a way to, like, decertify these arguments, like just kind of a priori, they should be knocked out of our politics," said anchor John Heilemann. "This is not a question of opinion or where you stand on public policy. This is not a doable thing. Why are we discussing it in any context right now in the state of Wisconsin?"

"I completely agree," said Katyal. "This Wisconsin primary is a really good illustration of how Trump and the Republican Party have succeeded in normalizing a brand of basically post-truth politics that allows them to blow off facts that they find inconvenient. And so, you say, there should be some way to decertify these claims, and there is. 62 different courts, federal and state, including the U.S. Supreme Court, which is not exactly in Joe Biden's pocket, ruled against them time and time again. And so, the — what the Trump people are saying is, well, look, the Wisconsin Supreme Court, which is quite a — it's a very conservative court, in July, said that the drop boxes that were used in the 2020 election were illegal, and these were the drop boxes that were used during the COVID pandemic. And the result of this, they say, is, well, let's throw out the hundreds of thousands of people who voted that way."

That idea, said Katyal, is "an unconscionable argument."

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"In elections law, the touchstone is always trying to give effect to the will of the voters, and they just want to toss out all these ballots," said Katyal. "Now, that's something that might work in, like, the Soviet Union, but it's as profoundly un-American as you can get ... even if it were right, there's no backsies here. There's no way to get a redo and do the election again. You know this is basically an empty political process by these people in Wisconsin. There's no mechanism whatsoever to take back the certification. These promises are literally ones that these candidates cannot keep, which takes, I guess, election politics to a whole other level."

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Neal Katyal explains Trump allies' "un-American" push to decertify Wisconsin