WSJ editors accuse Trump-backed WI vote fraud investigator of acting like a 'Democratic double agent' in scathing op-ed
Former Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman in a video promoting the partisan review of the 2020 election. (YouTube | Office of the Special Counsel)

On Monday, the Wall Street Journal editorial board slammed the Trump-backed special counsel investigating Wisconsin's 2020 election results, former state Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman.

Specifically, the editors called out Gableman for erratic behavior and conspiracy theories that they say are only going to hurt Republicans in the state.

"Michael Gableman isn’t a secret Democratic double agent, but he’s sure acting like one," wrote the board. "Mr. Gableman, a former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice, was hired by the GOP Assembly to investigate the 2020 election. Last week he wrangled an extension. At this rate, Wisconsin Republicans might keep trying to undo the 2020 presidential result all the way to Election Day 2022, or 2024."

The editorial board discredited the allegations in Gableman's report one by one, noting that he doesn't provide any evidence for his claim that "100% of registered voters cast ballots" at Milwaukee nursing homes, that private nonprofits giving funds to local election officers was "bribery," and that voting machines in Green Bay “were connected to a secret, hidden Wi-Fi access point.”

Gableman has also come under fire for his attacks on local officials, at one point trying to order the Waukesha County Sheriff to arrest the mayors of Madison and Green Bay for allegedly not replying to an email from his office that went into their spam folders.

"Republicans have valid gripes about how the 2020 election was run. But it isn’t hard to figure out what flipped Wisconsin," concluded the board. "Many voters, Republicans included, didn’t want four more years of Mr. Trump’s antics. In some suburban wards, 10.5% of Mr. Biden’s voters picked the GOP for Congress. This beats the evidence of vote fraud detected by everyone who has looked. Mr. Trump lost Wisconsin in 2020 on his own, and if Republicans keep chasing ghosts, he will also help them lose in 2022."

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