Wisconsin Republican buries Trump's new voter fraud claims: 'He doesn't understand and hasn't bothered to learn'
Wisconsin state Sen. Kathleen Bernier (Facebook).

On Thursday's edition of CNN's "OutFront," Wisconsin state Sen. Kathleen Bernier, a conservative Republican, sharply criticized the partisan "audit" of the election results being undertaken by former state Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman.

"I mean, it does seem so shocking, of course, you know, we should note the margin of victory in Wisconsin 2020 was identical to the margin in 2016," said anchor Erin Burnett. "Trump won the first time and lost the second. So Republicans in your state are still conducting an investigation of the election and I — we have had some fantastic reports on this, led by Michael Gableman. More than a year since the election. Why are they doing this now, do you think?"

"Well, there were some unusual things that occurred with individuals in Green Bay and the third-party funding and some issues we had in nursing homes, so the fact of the matter is there were some issues that we had," said Bernier. "But by the same token, after the legislative audit bureau finished, after the Wisconsin Institute of Law and Liberty finished, I'm confident that the election results are factual and that any other anomalies or voter fraud cases that we had, which I know there are a little over 500 or so that are being investigated, that's not unusual and we need to move forward because Republicans need to focus on 2022."

She also took issue with Trump's claim that the Wisconsin audit is uncovering massive fraud.

"I would love to sit down with President Trump and explain the electoral process to him," she said. "I don't think he really understands. It all boils down to each and every board from each and every community. And those are volunteers from the community that are running the polling places... So I think he does not understand and hasn't bothered to learn."

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Bernier has repeatedly criticized Gableman's conduct, calling his work a "charade" and even suggesting she would need to bring concealed weapons to defend herself if she attended one of his speeches. Gableman has fired back, calling on her to resign.

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