‘Visual pollution’: MAGA lover faces daily fines for illegal ‘Trump Won’ sign in Florida

A Florida man says he has no plans to take down a large "Trump Won" banner despite facing daily fines of $50 beginning Monday after it was found to be in violation of local signage regulations.

"Fifty dollars a day ain't a damn thing to me. ... I'm not going to take it down," Marvin Peavy told the Northwest Florida Daily News. "I've already had people call me and tell me they'd pay the $50 fines."

Peavy is a Georgia-based real estate professional who lives four days a week in the 6,770-square-foot home in Seagrove Beach, Florida, according to the newspaper. Peavy said he put up the banner in an attempt to troll "Seaside liberals" and "the 1% leftists."

"I'm going to sue the county because they're stepping into my First Amendment rights," Peavy said.

Peavy donated more than $9,000 to Trump and other Republican causes in 2020, and he's now reportedly working to help elect Georgia GOP Senate candidate Herschel Walker.

"Our elections have been rigged for at least 20 years," Peavy told the newspaper. "That's proven facts."

Peavy previously had a "Trump 2020" banner at his Florida home, but he took it down on Jan. 21 — a day after President Joe Biden's inauguration — after being contacted by code enforcement officials.

Both banners reportedly violate a prohibition against "(s)treamers, feather flags, pennants, ribbons, spinners and other similar devices" on Walton County's Road 30A.

Dave Rauschkolb, a local restaurateur, reportedly brought Peavy's "Trump Won" banner to a county commissioner's attention back in May.

"Political signs, banners, information of any kind has no place outside of the election season anywhere," Rauschkolb told the newspaper. "It's my opinion, regardless of political affiliation, it's visual pollution during the political season and it certainly is after the political season. 30A is a scenic corridor, and there's nothing scenic about that."