Watergate prosecutor tells 'delusional' Trump 'you had 4 years to find all the Russia documents you wanted'
Donald Trump during CNN debate (Photo: Screen capture via video)

Former Watergate prosecutor Jill Wine-Banks can't figure out why Donald Trump was demanding to exchange the Mar-a-Lago documents for the information on the Russia probe.

Over the weekend it was reported that Trump attempted to exchange the stolen documents at Mar-a-Lago for the Russia investigation documents.

Speaking to MSNBC on Monday evening, she explained that it's simply who Donald Trump is.

"He is definitely delusional in thinking this. First of all, as you noted, if he had such documents, if there were such documents, if they possibly existed, he had four years when he had every right to ask for them and to get them," she said. "My suspicion is they do not exist. So, let's take that first. Secondly, you cannot steal something to barter. It does go back to what happened in Ukraine where he was trying to say, okay, I'll give you what you're legally entitled to, the funding, if you do this terrible thing for me and make up something about Joe Biden. That is not how America is supposed to be doing business. That is illegal on every aspect."

So, she explained, there's nothing there for Trump to barter away.

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"It should be that everybody in America realizes that there are no such documents, and even if there were, he can't trade stolen documents that he has no right to possession," said Wine Banks. "This goes back a long way. The Presidential Records Act was a result of Richard Nixon wanting to take tax deductions for having documents and trying to leave the White House when he resigned with the tapes. That's why we have this law, to give it to journalists and historians, to the American people, not to the person who created them as president."

See her comments below or at this link.

Watergate prosecutor tells 'Trump 'you had 4 years to find all the Russia documents you wanted' www.youtube.com

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