Trump’s 'grip on the Republican Party' facing a 'reckoning': report
Donald Trump (Photo via AFP)

According to a report from the Guardian's Edward Elmore, Donald Trump's grip on the Republican Party will be tested in the new year as his rivals start seriously testing the waters as the race for the 2024 presidential nomination kicks into gear.

As Elmore wrote, the former president is facing a "reckoning" after his handpicked nominees who lost their races in the midterms were in large part the reason the GOP "red wave' never materialized.

Now, after the holidays, GOP heavyweights are about to fan across the country to build up war chests and seek support in an effort to take the former president on if he does follow through on his third presidential run.

According to the report, "Amid a lackluster start to Trump’s own campaign and a string of scandals and setbacks to hit the former US president due to his links to far-right extremists and his own legal problems, a field of potential rivals is starting to emerge for a contest that only a few months ago many thought was Trump’s alone for the taking.

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Elmore added, "... the hints of ambitions to taking on Trump are coming thick and fast, especially in the wake of the defeat of a host of Trump-backed candidates in November’s midterm elections which have triggered a reckoning with Trump’s grip on the Republican party."

As New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu (R) -- whose name is also being thrown about as a possible nominee -- put it, "We just have to find another candidate at this point," adding that he doesn't believe Trump is "...going to be able to close the deal.”

Adding to the pressure is the demand for "new blood" as Republicans seek to put the Trump years behind them.

Longtime GOP strategist Karl Rove recently wrote, "The country would be better off if each party’s standard bearer came from a new generation … It’s time for the baby boomers and their elders to depart the presidential stage. The party that grasps this has the advantage come 2024.”

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