'Is he ill?': Trump's health questioned after Mar-a-Lago photo with Lara Trump

A photo posted online of a slack-jawed Donald Trump, whose hand appears to be being held by daughter-in-law Lara Trump, had Twitter all abuzz on Saturday night as commenters wondered if he might be in declining health.

Trump supporter Nick Adams posted the picture—taken at Mar-a-Lago—with the caption, "President Trump is looking better than ever before!! He's getting in shape for 2024 and the liberals are freaking out!!"

But Trump "looking better" wasn't what casual observers saw.

As one commenter wrote, "Holy crap. Is he ill? How did he not age at all during his presidency but looks 15 years older in the 2 months since he left office?"

Others expressed similar questions about the state of the 74-year-old ex-president's health -- as you can see below: