Detroit's attorney mocks Trump's 'Kraken' lawyers in scathing new court filing
Sidney Powell appears on Fox Business (Screen cap).

An attorney representing the city of Detroit ridiculed arguments by Donald Trump's former attorneys as they fight possible sanctions for their post-election lawsuits.

Far-right attorney Sidney Powell and other lawyers have argued they should not be sanctioned for lawsuits challenging Trump's election loss because the former president claimed the results were fraudulent, and "millions" of Americans believed him -- but Detroit's lawyer mocked their defense in a new court filing.

"Many Americans believe that Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy are real," argued attorney David Fink, "but that does not protect an attorney who filed a frivolous lawsuit based on affidavits purportedly signed by one of them."

Fink also argued that federal law does not make exceptions for attorneys who rely on the ignorance of others or the unsupported claims of a defeated presidential candidate.

"The subjective belief of others in a false proposition does not relieve an attorney of the duty to conduct a reasonable inquiry into allegations being advanced in court," Fink argued.