Trump’s Pentagon chief stuns reporters with ‘incoherent briefing’ in which he declares ‘I cannot wait to leave’
Acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller. (DOD photo)

Reporters were stunned on Friday following a bizarre gaggle that acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller held with the press.

"I so…I mean, I cannot wait to leave this job, believe me," Miller said.

Stephen Losey of the Air Force Times described it as "the most epic case of senioritis ever."

"Gobsmacking incoherent briefing from the US acting defence secretary, Chris Miller, today," Julian Borger, the world affairs editor for the Guardian, reported.

Borger noted the Pentagon transcript included the phrase, "blah blah bluh blah."

Politico's Andrew Desiderio was shocked that Miller praised Russia for the success they have had during the Trump administration.

"Russian? I think they're extremely…uh…I have professional respect for how they do things…I think they're played a really bad hand of card very, very well. Declining population, single -- single source of economic revenue through natural resources. I kind of, you know, like professionally I'm like, wow, they're doing pretty well, and they're using a lot of irregular warfare concepts, information, all this stuff, in a way that, you know, like…good on them," Miller said.

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