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CNN legal reporter Paula Reid didn't sugarcoat the legal defeats faced by former President Donald Trump this week after the Supreme Court refused to block Congress from obtaining his taxes, while another court appears poised to ax his request for a special master to review documents seized by the government from his Mar-a-Lago resort.

"I've been covering the former president's legal problems for nearly a decade now, this is the biggest loss in recent memory," Reid told host Don Lemon during a discussion of the court rulings. "And in just two sentences, the Supreme Court put an end to his years long effort to shield his tax returns from lawmakers. Now the Treasury Department will hand over six years of tax records to the Democrat-led House Ways and Means Committee immediately."

Reid noted that even though Congress now has access to the tax returns, they are not allowed to publicly release them.

However, she said she wouldn't be surprised if that happened anyway.

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"As we know, the Hill is one of the leakiest places in Washington and it's possible they could get out," she speculated.

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Trump suffered his 'biggest loss in memory' this week www.youtube.com

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