WATCH: Jim Acosta drops KKK quip during report on Tucker Carlson and white supremacy

CNN anchor Jim Acosta seemed to slip a Ku Klux Klan reference into a report on the growing calls for Fox News to fire Tucker Carlson for white supremacism.

On Friday, Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt called on Rupert Murdoch's network to fire Carlson after a population replacement segment.

Acosta interviewed CNN chief media correspondent Brian Stelter about the scandal.

"Brian, this is hardly the first time that Tucker Carlson -- and I'm not sure why he spells Tucker with one just one 'K' sometimes -- has been accused of making racist remarks," Acosta said. "But will Fox do anything this time about what he's doing over there?"

"There's no way Fox will do a thing," Stelter replied.

Stelter played additional clips of the Fox personality saying shocking things.

"And that's the face of Fox News," Stelter said. "He's also the poster child for what Van Jones called five years ago 'the whitelash,' this white resistance to a changing country. Tucker Carlson, that is very much his brand. He has a lot of viewers who seem to be with him and Fox is not going to take any action against him."

Acosta then played a clip of Carlson talking about the January 6th insurrection by Trump supporters that he said "might be the most ridiculous line of B.S. yet from Tucker Carlson."

"It's just inexplicable, I can't explain what he's doing," Acosta said.


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