Fox News roasted for NSA spying paranoia: 'Looks like Tucker is building an insanity defense'
Tucker Carlson (Screen Capture)

On Monday, Fox News' Tucker Carlson raised eyebrows by claiming on air that the National Security Agency was spying on his communications with the intent to leak damaging information and get his show pulled off the air — and that an anonymous "whistleblower" within the government proved it by sharing Carlson's own communications back at him.

Commenters on social media, however, were not at all convinced by the evidence that Carlson provided, and accused the controversial Fox News host of promoting a conspiracy theory.

Some suggested there was a simpler explanation for why the "whistleblower" had Carlson's communications: he had been hacked. And others noted that even Carlson's own network lawyers have said his comments on his show shouldn't be construed as fact.