January 6 attackers
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After airing a week of selectively edited videos of the Jan. 6 attack on Congress, Fox's Tucker Carlson released less than an hour of video each night out of over 40,000. The host implied that he had watched all of the videos or at least sifted through everything and reviewed them.

To watch approximately 40,000 hours of video, it would take a little over 1,666 days, watching 24 hours each day. So, it would have been impossible for Carlson to have actually watched all of the video. Even if he fast-forwarded through the video at double speed, it still would have taken 833 days.

Chatting about the claims on the weekly "The Rick Smith Show" podcast, radio host and Fox commentator Christopher Hahn suggested that there may have been as many as 20 staffers who were helping Carlson. That would have taken each staffer 83 days non-stop watching the videos. It would have taken 40 staffers 41 days to watch the insurrection videos non-stop.

It's unclear what day McCarthy actually gave the videos, but news about it surfaced on Feb. 20. That gives them two weeks to watch all 40,000 hours of video, edit it and prepare their shows.

It's possible that McCarthy handed the video over the second he became Speaker and never told the public. That would have given the entire staff the necessary time to watch over half of it at regular speed and fast-forward through most of it.

Either way, the implication that the host, himself, watched all 40,000 hours is impossible.

Carlson has been under fire in the past few weeks as more information has been revealed about the inner workings of Fox behind the scenes. Carlson was revealed to have complained to colleagues that if the network didn't lie to its viewers that they would lose money on the company's stock along with viewership.

News Corp CEO Rupert Murdoch and Fox chief Suzanne Scott discussed the network losing huge numbers of viewers after they called Arizona for Joe Biden on election night. They had to come up with something to bring viewers back and decided to placate to viewers that believed there was a fraud afoot for financial purposes.