Biden pushed to send officials onto Tucker Carlson's show to push back on anti-vax lies
Fox News host Tucker Carlson (screen grab)

Some allies of President Joe Biden are urging the White House to be more aggressive in combatting misinformation about vaccines being aired on Fox News -- including potentially sending administration officials onto Tucker Carlson's show.

Politico reports that Biden allies want the White House to be more proactive in getting accurate information about the vaccines out to Fox viewers, although they don't believe they'll be able to accomplish that by publicly shaming the network.

Instead, they want to put more public health and administration officials on as Fox News guests, particularly in primetime when hosts such as Carlson and Laura Ingraham have repeatedly peddled falsehoods about the vaccines.

But Matt Bennett, a top official at the centrist Democratic group Third Way and a regular Fox News guest, warned that the primetime hosts exert strict control over what gets aired and rarely allow their opponents to come off looking good.

"The problem with people like Hannity, and this is true for the whole primetime lineup, is they don't let you talk, they shout you down, they get the last word by offering a blizzard of bullsh*t," he explained.

And even public health officials who go on the more friendly daytime TV hours say that they inevitably have to deal with harassment from angry Fox News viewers afterward.

"People just were very angry with me," Dr. Dena Grayson, who used to regularly appear on Fox to talk about COVID-19, told Politico. "Anything and everything that the Biden administration can do to get Fox to, at a minimum, speak less lies and at least try to spread more accurate information — that is valuable."