'Moron' Marjorie Taylor Greene brutally mocked as Twitter informs her that she doesn't know what 'segregation' means

In a tweet this Sunday, Georgia GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene slammed a restaurant in her state after it posted a message to its Instagram declaring that it would refuse service to unvaccinated customers.

"This is called segregation," Greene wrote. "Will you be testing everyone at the door for the flu, strep throat, stomach bugs, colds, meningitis, aids, venereal diseases, Hep A, Hep C, staff infections, athletes foot, pink eye, croup, bronchitis, ringworm, scabies, or any other contagions?"

Greene was referring to Atlanta restaurant Argosy, which posted picture last week showing a sign put up at the establishment declaring, "For the safety of our staff, guests, and community...NO VAX NO SERVICE."

In the comment thread beneath her tweet, Greene's critics on Twitter pointed out that her definition of "segregation" is misguided at best.