'Weapons-grade lunacy': Trump's latest conspiracy theory trashed by conservative commentator

In a column for MSNBC, longtime conservative commentator Charlie Sykes hammered Donald Trump for promoting the improbable scenario that he will be "reinstated" as president in August, with Sykes saying Trump is continuing to trap the Republican Party in a "doom loop of craziness" that threatens the entire country.

According to Sykes, one of the founders of the conservative Bulwark, Trump reportedly believes he will displace President Joe Biden through some unspecified machinations and that the former president's actions are unconscionable and dangerous.

"That, of course, is not going to happen. It is, in fact, weapons-grade lunacy to imagine that it is even possible," Sykes wrote. "It should also remind us that even though an idea is fake, the consequences of a new Big Lie can be very real, and even deadly. Delegitimizing our democracy is now central to Trump's agenda and his hopes for a political comeback. And polls suggest that his lies about the election have influenced tens of millions of voters."

Noting a poll that shows that 53 percent of Republicans believe Trump is the "true president" of the United States," Sykes added, "In this alternative reality, it's only a small step to believe their 'true president' might really return."

"It's impossible to know whether Trump genuinely believes that he can move back into the White House this summer. But that's not the point; the story works for him as long as other people believe it," The columnist explained. "So don't be surprised if this notion gathers momentum in the right's feedback loop, especially if Trump continues to stoke false hopes."

According to Sykes, American's shouldn't take what Trump is currently doing lightly because it feeds into the hopes of conspiracy-obsessed -- and potentially dangerous -- Trump supporters like those who stormed the Capitol on Jan 6th.

"Meanwhile, belief in Trump's return will spread among members of the base, sparking anger, suspicion and outrage when the promised restoration fails to materialize," he wrote before warning, "In other words, it's a new twist on the same Big Lie that fueled the Jan. 6 insurrection and continues to fuel threats of political violence. That makes it even worse than it looks."

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