New clearance report shows why Trump may be forced to fire Jared Kushner

As it turns out, Jared Kushner may be on his way out the door at the White House, and all because of something he has no control of. According to a Thursday report from CNN, Kushner's security clearance - something that's legally required in order to work in the West Wing - isn't just being held up by the nearly 40 revisions he's entered for his paperwork due to irregularities in financial and conflict of interest disclosures.

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Iraq veteran Tammy Duckworth blisters 'draft dodger' Trump: Don't tell me what our military needs

Sen. Tammy Duckworth (D-Ill.), an Iraq war veteran who suffered severe combat wounds, losing both of her legs and damage to her right arm, tore into ‘cadet bone spurs' for lecturing Democrats ...

WATCH: New Trump ad says Democrats are all 'complicit' in murders committed by immigrants

Donald Trump is among the lowest forms of life on planet earth. But he's hit a new low with an ad released just a day after the government shutdown began. In the ad, which is titled " Complicit ...

WATCH: Chilling video appears to show terrified Hawaiians hiding their kids in storm drains while Trump golfed

When an emergency alert was "accidentally" sent to Hawaiians that a ballistic missile was inbound and it was almost an hour before any correction was issued, you know what would have helped a great deal? ... the alert went out or we may have witnessed the United States launching a nuclear missile at North Korea or otherwise "acting rashly," but while he was busy doing that, terrified parents were desperately ...

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Internet smacks down Bannon-backed candidate for meme suggesting Jesus was white

Earlier this week, Paul Ryan's primary challenger, an Alt-Right candidate, tweeted an image calling for the House Speaker's murder. Paul Nehlen (R-WI) is backed by Breitbart's head honcho Steve Bannon, the former White House Chief Strategist.

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Watch Donald Trump try to spot the giant limo right in front of him -- and fail miserably

Our low stamina so-called president arrived back in the U.S. and after deplaning from Air Force One, he appeared to be walking to his limousine which was right there in front of him, larger than life but instead, the tired old man wandered off, seemingly in a state of confusion. Donald Trump took a right after…

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'No family should be denied medical care': Jimmy Kimmel urges GOP senator to reject Meancare bill

When the Republican Conference in the House of Representatives released their version of the so-called replacement for the Affordable Care Act, late night host Jimmy Kimmel took a break from comedy to do a very brave thing. He revealed to the nation that his own son had been born with a congenital heart defect, and had…

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WATCH: French video demolishes Trump talking points on climate withdrawal in 40 perfect seconds

The standard operating procedure for the Trump administration is as follows: Say a thing you want people to believe. Repeat that thing. Keep repeating, until it's true. The latest thing Trump desperately wants you to believe? That the Paris Accord on climate change was somehow a bad thing for our country. On Thursday, the White House…

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WATCH: Republicans lost big on healthcare -- but forgot to cancel TV ads celebrating Obamacare repeal

Republican leaders had seven long years to come up with a viable alternative to Obamacare, but instead, they offered a shit sandwich, one which the alleged president strongly endorsed. So, Trump suffered a stunning political defeat after he could not manage to garner support from his own party, and with ‘repeal and replace Obamacare' being a…

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Utah Republican Jason Chaffetz: Angry town hall protesters were paid to 'bully and intimidate' me

On Thursday during a town hall meeting, Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) was shouted down by constituents that want alleged president Donald Trump investigated over his conflicts of interest. That is Chaffetz's job as chairman of the House Oversight Committee and Government Reform Committee. Still yet, earlier this week, Chaffetz vowed to continue the investigation into Hillary…

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Malia Obama joins protest against Trump DAPL revival, stands with water protectors

Malia Obama Joins Protest Against Trump DAPL Revival, Stands With Water Protectors (VIDEO)

The daughter of former and much-beloved President Barack Obama has made her political leanings completely public now that she's moved out of the White House. Opting out of her parents Caribbean vacation, 18-year-old Malia Obama was seen standing up at a Dakota Access Pipeline protest in Park City, Utah. Malia will be starting an internship with…

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Southern women have Donald Trump playing defense in red states

A ‘Victory Bus' bearing the Trump-Pence logo will tour the Heart of Dixie next week. While the reality show star turned Republican presidential nominee won't appear in person, Rep. Robert Aderholt and ALGOP Chairman Terry Lathan will barnstorm the interstate, visiting GOP headquarters, the state capital, and a pair of stores doing brisk business in guns.…

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Sean Hannity defends Trump grabbing p*ssy: 'King David had 500 concubines'

Republicans are panicking over the leaked video of Donald Trump's lewd remarks about women. Trump says he made those comments years ago, and that's true, after all, he was only 59-years-old when he said it. He was just a little kid and didn't know any better. Another kid, Sean Hannity, 54, weighed in to defend the…

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Malheur Trial: Ammon Bundy's cross-examination took just 15 minutes (AUDIO)

Concluding three days on the witness stand, Ammon Bundy was cross-examined by Assistant U.S. Attorney Ethan Knight yesterday for a mere fifteen minutes. Rather than try to counter every point the defense had tried to establish with Bundy on the stand, Knight asked only the questions that helped his case and then walked away. Conrad Wilson,…

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Six more officials charged in Flint water crisis -- but not Gov. Snyder

So far, only state and city employees have been charged for any part in the lead poisoning of Flint, Michigan. In fact, state Attorney General Bill Schuette charged six more people for negligence and cover-ups today, but none of them was Gov. Rick Snyder or any of his emergency managers. "Some people failed to act, others…

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