Democrats to detail Capitol cops' gruesome injuries to make impeachment case against Trump

The lead impeachment manager will highlight injuries suffered by U.S. Capitol police officers to help make the case to convict former president Donald Trump.

House Democrats will present evidence of their injuries to show a direct cause and effect between Trump addressing the crowd of supporters that stormed into the Capitol a short time later on Jan. 6, which the impeachment managers hope will put pressure on Senate Republicans to convict the former president, reported Axios.

"This moment was totally foreseen by the framers of the Constitution," said lead impeachment manager Jamie Raskin (D-MD). "Trump may not know anything about the Founders, but they knew a lot about the likes of him."

Raskin told the House Democratic caucus that one Capitol police officer lost three fingers during the attack, which left Officer Brian Sicknick and four rioters dead, and another officer likely will lose an eye.

The Maryland Democrat also told lawmakers that right-wing extremists in Russia and Germany see the insurrection as a victory for 21st-century fascism.

Raskin dismissed a response from the former president's legal team as "embarrassingly thin," and said the Senate had "decisively rejected" their First Amendment defense during an 1876 impeachment against war secretary William Belknap.

"This wasn't shouting fire in a crowded theater," Raskin said, "this was the fire chief sending a mob to the theater."