Never Trumpers endorse Val Demings in ad walloping Marco Rubio for defending 'criminal' Donald Trump
Donald Trump, Marco Rubio (Photo by Jim Watson for AFP)

The Lincoln Project released a new ad on Wednesday excoriating United States Senator Marco Rubio (R-Florida) over his support of former President Donald Trump.

Rubio, who lost the 2016 GOP presidential nomination to Trump, has morphed in the six years since from a fierce Trump critic into a reliable ally.

But the sixty-second ad notes that Rubio's loyalty to Trump runs deeper than partisan necessity. Rubio, it implies, abdicated his duty to the public – especially while Trump's numerous legal entanglements worsen:

Marco Rubio wants you to think crime is a top issue in this election. So why does he spend so much time defending Donald Trump, who is at the center of nineteen criminal and civil cases from tax fraud to stealing documents to trying to violently overthrow an election?

Rubio backs Trump, not law and order. He attacks the FBI and law enforcement. So much for 'backing the blue.'

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The spot then endorses Rubio's opponent in the November midterms – retired Orlando police chief and two-term Florida Democratic Congresswoman Val Demings:

That's why in the US Senate, Val Demings will be everything Rubio isn't. Hard-working, smart, effective, brave, and strong enough to speak out in the face of injustice. Val's record of service, bravery, and putting her life on the line for a safer Florida, has always come down to doing the right thing.

Trump announced that he would back Rubio's reelection bid last year.

The video concludes:

Val Demings fights criminals. Marco Rubio defends them.

Watch below or at this link.