Texas official caught on tape giving order to delay Uvalde classroom break: CNN
Uvalde law enforcement officers (Photo by CHANDAN KHANNA for AFP)

CNN obtained new audio that a captain with the Texas Department of Public Safety gave an order to delay a classroom breach during the Uvalde school shooting massacre.

"We want to bring you exclusive new reporting from Shimon Prokupecz who for nearly five months has been doggedly reporting on major developments in the investigation into the killings of 19 children and 2 teachers at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas and the botched police response," CNN's Anderson Cooper reported.

More than 70 minutes into the attack, Capt. Joel Betancourt ordered a strike team to delay entering the classroom.

Audio of Betancourt's order was reportedly captured by multiple body cameras.

“Hey, this is DPS Captain Betancourt. The team that’s going to make breach needs to stand by. The team that’s gonna breach needs to stand by."

DPS director Col. Steven McCraw said Betancourt is being investigated.

CNN reported Betancourt remains on active duty.

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