Rep. Dustin Burrows, of Lubbock, Texas
Photo: Screen capture

The chairman of the investigatory committee examining the Uvalde, Texas mass shooting began his press conference Sunday, saying that there were a lot of things to blame for the mass shooter.

It became clear that many of the questions from the press and the community had to do with the inaction of the 376 police, including 149 border patrol agents, on the scene that day.

"We wanted to show the law enforcement's response. However, we did give you a more comprehensive look at the background of the attacker. We refer to him throughout that report, because that is how he refers to by the alert training. He fits the profile of many," said Rep. Dustin Burrows, of Lubbock, Texas. "He came from a broken home with literal... little or no interaction with his father. He struggled in school, both academically and socially. He struggled to fit in and eventually became isolated. He networked through his peers through social media and violent video games. He ultimately had a fixation on school shootings and even developed the nickname, school shooter."

Former Supreme Court Justice Eva Guzman, who also sits on the three-person committee, said that no police officer should be in the job if they can't rush in to save someone, as the nearly 400 law enforcement officials failed to do in Uvalde.

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No father, violent video games to blame for mass shooting